Saturday, March 31, 2012


I am at a friends house to  feed her animals. It is going to be interesting... She has chickens, cows, horses and TROLLS?
I stand there with my mud boots on and rub my eyes to be sure that I am truly seeing a Troll. He is massive. Long legs, long gangling arms and overly large hands. In one hand he holds a cow, in the other he holds a large wooden club.
Is he going to kill that poor cow? The cow I am supposed to feed and water while my friend is away. 
I watch the large creature for a moment, unsure of what to do or how to stop the Troll from eating  this poor defenseless animal.  I step forward a couple steps and am about to scream out for the creature to end its horrible intentions when suddenly I hear it... the sound of another Troll coming down the hill side. His large footsteps make the earth shake. 
I stumble right and left, trying to stay on my feet.
"Put Cow down Parry... Mother will be angry if you eats it."
This Troll was just as large as the other and he had big ears, a long nose and a small amount of hair atop his round head. 
I watched the first Troll pout for a moment and then place the cow down upon the ground. 
The cow ran away.
Hiding now behind the chicken coop, I watch the two trolls travel up the hill side and disappear behind the trees. 
There isn't much else to do but follow... I mean... how often do you get to see where Trolls live?
I dart back and forth from tree to tree until I am only a few yards behind their quaking footsteps. The sounds of heavy laughter filters through the forest and I see a ton of Trolls and Large mansion like houses in which they live. 
Curiosity grips hold. How cool would it be to rummage through a Trolls home, but how would I get inside?
I look for a way around the trolls, desperately seeking to find a path, when something startles me from behind. I jump as a soft feather like brush touches my bare skin. I turn around in fear and anticipation. 
In front of me is a Fairy. Golden glitter surrounds her body. The flake of glittery dust touches my skin, making the feather like feeling.
Completely fascinated, I watch her. Slowly she moves in front of me, only inches from my nose and blocks my line of sight. She shakes her head and wags her finger. 
"Tend to the cows, chickens and horses. Leave Magic Land alone."
I want to protest, but before I have time, I see her shake slightly. Golden flakes devour my sight and when I blink the Fairy Magic away, I see that the Trolls are gone, the mansions have disappeared and left before me is nothing but a quiet forest and the sound of a rooters call in the distance. 
Magic Land has disappeared and all that is left for me is my chores. 
Hope you enjoyed this Weeks rendition of Magic Land, stayed tuned for next weeks :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Its snowing. The wind is more aggressive than usual and I am stuck in rush hour traffic. My mind wanders diving in and out of Magic Land and before I know it... I am in the middle of a world made of my own imagination.
I look left and right. People that had once set in their cars are no longer people but creatures, monsters and beings I have only dreamed about. I sit wide eyed and stare at the Grimlin driving the Lexus next to me. Its features are unnatural. Large eyes, pointed ears and his complexion is green... GREEN!
The Grimlin looks at me and naturally he scowls.
I turn my attention away from the Lexus and its driver and look to my right. A witch fly's by in a mini-van. HEY... how did she get around the traffic so fast?
Annoyance flares as I watch the mini van dodge through cars. Perhaps she is using her magic to maneuver in and out of traffic.
I shake my head trying to figure out how to advance through the lanes, perhaps while doing so I can see some more interesting creatures, when suddenly I notice the snow's movement... the absurd direction it floats in. Must be the wind... I think.
A sparkle catches my eye and I squint and lean closer to the front window. The snow is glowing?
Naturally I question my sanity but to my suprise, the snow is not snow at all. Small Fae float through the air at a slow downward spiral.
I look left and right, taking in the beauty of these magestic beings. The Gremlin in the lane next to me growls and I try not to make eye contact.
There I sit watching the spectacle for what seemed like an hour. I take out my phone and snap a couple of photos. Nobody would believe me if I didn't have proof.
A car zooms past me on my left and I see a bunch of dwarfs hanging out the window, yelling at me with raised fists. I tilt my head watching the scene. Their faces are scrunched up and their saggy features are covered in dark freckles. The ears on those Dwarfs... were the size of my feet.
I wonder why they are so angry, when out of the blue a horn blows behind me, followed by another and yet another. Angry screams fill the interstate. I jump with fear and suprise and when I do, I wake to see that I am the only one holding up traffic. I shake my head and notice that I am back. Magic Land has disapeared. I accelerate on the gas and quickly take a glance at the photos I took on my phone. Nothing... Nothing but snow on a busy interstate.
I shake my head and smile... Magic land is gone but there is always tomorrow.
Hope you enjoyed this weeks rendition of MAGIC LAND. :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


When I started this blog, my intention to write about all things magic was pretty obvious, but I would also like to talk about fictional TV shows that have caught my interest.
I am currently fascinated with a Television show:


Merlin is my favorite series. 

A young boy with more power than any other warlock, helping a king fight against corrupt magic and the powers of Morgana. The plot line and characters in this series are very like-able.  Romance is included and there is plenty of action.
I enjoy watching Merlin's growth throughout the series. He is a skinny boy with great intentions. The power to change a realm is sure to be in his future.

Quick overview:

Arthur's father dies by magic's aid... will King Arthur allow magic to be free?
Lancelot is introduced early on in the series, and sad to say... is killed quite early in the venture. 
Guinevere is a black smith's daughter... is smitten with Arthur... but, when will she become Lady Guinevere...?
When will Merlin expose himself and his ability to perform magic. Will it be, while saving Arthur's life... and what will the young king say and do? 
How many times has Merlin saved Arthur and his friend's?
A very intriguing series brought together by BBC America and picked up by SYFY.  Thank you writers and producers... I am a devoted fan of the NEW, GOING STRONG, SERIES " MERLIN! "

Friday, February 10, 2012


I am in the middle of a busy store on Black Friday. Barely able to grasp why people are bumping into me, my anxiety spikes and I feel the need to scream out load,
"Will you stop invading my space!" 
My Fiance pats my arm knowing that the situation is very hectic and frustrating. 
I look to my right and see a customer scurrying through the isle's and then suddenly vanish. Surely it is much to late in the night and my mind is playing tricks on me, as it usually does. (I have a highly active imagination). Next I see a man pushing through the crowd. He is gigantic. I nudge my partner's arm and nod my head in the mans direction. My fiance doesn't see what I am in-visualizing. He was a Giant! Large warts. Massive hands... should I even continue? 
I knew what was happening. My mind was delving deep into what I consider (MAGIC LAND). 
I look around, suddenly enjoying the wild environment. I study people and watch as my imagination transforms them into what I would consider them to be if they really were enchanted. 
A smile crosses my face. My anxiety is gone. People may stare at others and judge them by their appearance. I stare at people and create characters. 
Before my mind allows the world to disappear, I take one long look at the Giant who is now throwing large amounts of Electronic devices in his puny shopping cart. 
He has an elongated face, warts around his nose and eyes, large ears and a round mouth. He is tall and his feet and hands are massive. Brown bushy hair is situated on top of his large head and when he see's me looking at him, he stops his shopping to watch me stare at him. 
He turned away from my gaze and slowly I shake my head and blink. Just as quickly as I saw the Giant, he just a swiftly returns back to his normal state. The Magic world is gone. My imagination is finally at rest. 
What a fun, entertaining way to look at the world through a different perspective.
(By the way... be aware... entering MAGIC LAND is like reading a book, once you have discovered it... you may never want to leave it alone.) 

World of Magic

So I am one of those people that sit back out of sight of a group and watch and observe. I know there are a lot of those people out there (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE). Although, when I say I do this, I will tell you a secret, I do it primarily because, I like to see how people relate to situations, conversations etc. I myself am a shy, hermit like individual and I enjoy writing more than any other hobby in the world. Its a passion of mine. I am getting off track. My point is...
I am facinated with the world of magic as a lot of you out there are as well.
I am writing a book right now that introduces a world full of it.
In the posts to follow I will be posting real life events and spiraling them out of control, allowing magic to take over, just as it does in my mind each and everyday.
If you are interested in my thought process. Check in with me every week to read about a new magical experience that could happen to each and every one of you...
Mark my words, magic does exist, either it be in my mind or this blog... Join in the fun...
Stay tuned for other fun postings :)