Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Its snowing. The wind is more aggressive than usual and I am stuck in rush hour traffic. My mind wanders diving in and out of Magic Land and before I know it... I am in the middle of a world made of my own imagination.
I look left and right. People that had once set in their cars are no longer people but creatures, monsters and beings I have only dreamed about. I sit wide eyed and stare at the Grimlin driving the Lexus next to me. Its features are unnatural. Large eyes, pointed ears and his complexion is green... GREEN!
The Grimlin looks at me and naturally he scowls.
I turn my attention away from the Lexus and its driver and look to my right. A witch fly's by in a mini-van. HEY... how did she get around the traffic so fast?
Annoyance flares as I watch the mini van dodge through cars. Perhaps she is using her magic to maneuver in and out of traffic.
I shake my head trying to figure out how to advance through the lanes, perhaps while doing so I can see some more interesting creatures, when suddenly I notice the snow's movement... the absurd direction it floats in. Must be the wind... I think.
A sparkle catches my eye and I squint and lean closer to the front window. The snow is glowing?
Naturally I question my sanity but to my suprise, the snow is not snow at all. Small Fae float through the air at a slow downward spiral.
I look left and right, taking in the beauty of these magestic beings. The Gremlin in the lane next to me growls and I try not to make eye contact.
There I sit watching the spectacle for what seemed like an hour. I take out my phone and snap a couple of photos. Nobody would believe me if I didn't have proof.
A car zooms past me on my left and I see a bunch of dwarfs hanging out the window, yelling at me with raised fists. I tilt my head watching the scene. Their faces are scrunched up and their saggy features are covered in dark freckles. The ears on those Dwarfs... were the size of my feet.
I wonder why they are so angry, when out of the blue a horn blows behind me, followed by another and yet another. Angry screams fill the interstate. I jump with fear and suprise and when I do, I wake to see that I am the only one holding up traffic. I shake my head and notice that I am back. Magic Land has disapeared. I accelerate on the gas and quickly take a glance at the photos I took on my phone. Nothing... Nothing but snow on a busy interstate.
I shake my head and smile... Magic land is gone but there is always tomorrow.
Hope you enjoyed this weeks rendition of MAGIC LAND. :)

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