Saturday, March 31, 2012


I am at a friends house to  feed her animals. It is going to be interesting... She has chickens, cows, horses and TROLLS?
I stand there with my mud boots on and rub my eyes to be sure that I am truly seeing a Troll. He is massive. Long legs, long gangling arms and overly large hands. In one hand he holds a cow, in the other he holds a large wooden club.
Is he going to kill that poor cow? The cow I am supposed to feed and water while my friend is away. 
I watch the large creature for a moment, unsure of what to do or how to stop the Troll from eating  this poor defenseless animal.  I step forward a couple steps and am about to scream out for the creature to end its horrible intentions when suddenly I hear it... the sound of another Troll coming down the hill side. His large footsteps make the earth shake. 
I stumble right and left, trying to stay on my feet.
"Put Cow down Parry... Mother will be angry if you eats it."
This Troll was just as large as the other and he had big ears, a long nose and a small amount of hair atop his round head. 
I watched the first Troll pout for a moment and then place the cow down upon the ground. 
The cow ran away.
Hiding now behind the chicken coop, I watch the two trolls travel up the hill side and disappear behind the trees. 
There isn't much else to do but follow... I mean... how often do you get to see where Trolls live?
I dart back and forth from tree to tree until I am only a few yards behind their quaking footsteps. The sounds of heavy laughter filters through the forest and I see a ton of Trolls and Large mansion like houses in which they live. 
Curiosity grips hold. How cool would it be to rummage through a Trolls home, but how would I get inside?
I look for a way around the trolls, desperately seeking to find a path, when something startles me from behind. I jump as a soft feather like brush touches my bare skin. I turn around in fear and anticipation. 
In front of me is a Fairy. Golden glitter surrounds her body. The flake of glittery dust touches my skin, making the feather like feeling.
Completely fascinated, I watch her. Slowly she moves in front of me, only inches from my nose and blocks my line of sight. She shakes her head and wags her finger. 
"Tend to the cows, chickens and horses. Leave Magic Land alone."
I want to protest, but before I have time, I see her shake slightly. Golden flakes devour my sight and when I blink the Fairy Magic away, I see that the Trolls are gone, the mansions have disappeared and left before me is nothing but a quiet forest and the sound of a rooters call in the distance. 
Magic Land has disappeared and all that is left for me is my chores. 
Hope you enjoyed this Weeks rendition of Magic Land, stayed tuned for next weeks :)


  1. I just love your blog and the layout. I found you on Book Blog.

  2. I like your use of description. Very cool short story ^_^