Friday, February 10, 2012

World of Magic

So I am one of those people that sit back out of sight of a group and watch and observe. I know there are a lot of those people out there (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE). Although, when I say I do this, I will tell you a secret, I do it primarily because, I like to see how people relate to situations, conversations etc. I myself am a shy, hermit like individual and I enjoy writing more than any other hobby in the world. Its a passion of mine. I am getting off track. My point is...
I am facinated with the world of magic as a lot of you out there are as well.
I am writing a book right now that introduces a world full of it.
In the posts to follow I will be posting real life events and spiraling them out of control, allowing magic to take over, just as it does in my mind each and everyday.
If you are interested in my thought process. Check in with me every week to read about a new magical experience that could happen to each and every one of you...
Mark my words, magic does exist, either it be in my mind or this blog... Join in the fun...
Stay tuned for other fun postings :)


  1. I love you blog, it is whimsical and simple at the same time. I enjoyed your post it held my attention which is difficult because even writing this post I have already drifted off twice. Mostly because my dog - a golden retriever - is nuzzling my elbow to pet him, the spoiled thing! Anyhow, I found your discussion on Book Blogs and thought I'd reply this way.
    I would try getting some friends together, or if you have the money pay somebody to create a trailer for your series then post it on You Tube. Also hand out some paper/hardcover copies to blogger - like me - whose blogs only review books specializing on YA. I would be so very happy if you sent me a copy and let me review you book. But check out my book review blog and see if you like the way I review books.
    Book Review Blog:

    Also I noticed you had another blog, one about poetry, I am aspiring to be a published poet and would greatly appreciate any feedback you could give me.

    Personal/ Poetry Blog:

    Fond Regards,

  2. This is a wonderful idea! I have enjoyed reading your blog so far. I am looking forward to more! You have gained yourself a new follower.
    Quill and Parchment

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