A LOVE OF HORSES
                     K.C. Blane

A sound like thunder upon the earth,
Heavy galloping and light hearted mirth.
Leafs stumbling upon the ground,
Horses playing all around.

Muscles tense and then unwind,
The beating heart of an animal rhyme.
Hidden hills in a field of leaves.
The falling sun upon the trees.

A sight of beauty as these animal prance.
A tear of joy and a love of their dance.
The whistling call of an owner’s might
Running free is a welcoming right.

Pure and majestic is a Crickets song,
To find one’s friend is never wrong.
Their Trust and faith in her words,
Praising strokes always works.

Quick embraces and a treat is fair,
The call of the wild, such a graceful pair.
Love and devotion for the ridden beasts,
Never to part upon terms of mistreat.

The fall air blows all around,
Hidden bugs encase the ground.
Joy and love fill her heart.
These animals consume her, never will they part.

copy written 11-16-2011