Wednesday, February 22, 2012


When I started this blog, my intention to write about all things magic was pretty obvious, but I would also like to talk about fictional TV shows that have caught my interest.
I am currently fascinated with a Television show:


Merlin is my favorite series. 

A young boy with more power than any other warlock, helping a king fight against corrupt magic and the powers of Morgana. The plot line and characters in this series are very like-able.  Romance is included and there is plenty of action.
I enjoy watching Merlin's growth throughout the series. He is a skinny boy with great intentions. The power to change a realm is sure to be in his future.

Quick overview:

Arthur's father dies by magic's aid... will King Arthur allow magic to be free?
Lancelot is introduced early on in the series, and sad to say... is killed quite early in the venture. 
Guinevere is a black smith's daughter... is smitten with Arthur... but, when will she become Lady Guinevere...?
When will Merlin expose himself and his ability to perform magic. Will it be, while saving Arthur's life... and what will the young king say and do? 
How many times has Merlin saved Arthur and his friend's?
A very intriguing series brought together by BBC America and picked up by SYFY.  Thank you writers and producers... I am a devoted fan of the NEW, GOING STRONG, SERIES " MERLIN! "

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